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Millions of American soldiers secured the peace in Germany after the Second World War. Far from home, GI’s naturally began flirting with German women. During the postwar era, hundreds of thousands of children are estimated to have resulted from such relationships. Most of these children were raised without their American fathers, who left Germany after a few years, and their mothers were often cursed as “American sluts” and were subject to enormous family and societal pressures. This created a culture of repression and secrecy and kept children from learning their heritage for years. In fact, many mothers couldn’t stand the pressure and gave their GI children up for adoption or sent them away to institutions. Most of these GI Kids still don’t know their American fathers.

Norbert Alexiou is one of these GI Kids. He spent eight years searching for his American dad. His life story is the starting point for the documentary, ID inComplete - One Man's Quest for his True Identity as well as the inspiration for the GI-Kinder Charity, a self-help group that is presented in the following pages.

The documentary ID inComplete - One Man’s Quest for his True Identity is now available on