ID inComplete - One Man's Quest for his True Identity, the 87-minute feature documentary, is finished … and we are submitting the film to film festivals.

Furthermore, we are currently presenting our documentary at private screenings and events to interested audiences. Please see a list of the latest screenings below.

Additional private screenings are planned and if you or your organization is interested in the subject and you want to show the film to your members or clients, please contact us to discuss the possibility of a private screening at a facility of your choice.

Please let us know by email if you are interested in purchasing a DVD of our documentary. We will alert you know as soon as the DVD is available for purchase.

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Feb. 19, 2009: Private Screening at the Switch-Studios, Venice/Los Angeles

Our sponsor’s partners and supporters were the first once to see the finished documentary!

April 14, 2009: Private Screening at the Goethe Institut Los Angeles including Q&A's with the Filmmakers Norbert Alexiou and Stefan Starina.

Some 120 guests got a first glance at the finished documentary. For more information to this private screening please see the website of our sponsor, the German Consulate General Los Angeles.

From left: Stefan Starina, Katrin Leymann, Bernd Desinger, Norbert Alexiou, Gabriella Moline Alexiou, Deputy Consul General Dietmar and Monika Bock.

From left: Stefan Starina, Consul General Dr.Christian Stocks, Norbert Alexiou, Reinhard Volz, Juergen Prochnow, Bernd Desinger.