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If you are a GI Kid yourself and you want to find your father in U.S., we are more than happy to assist you in the search for your American father.

It goes without saying that we also look forward in hearing from American fathers who would like to get in touch with their children in Germany.

If you would like to use our search service, please first collect all available information. We have created two forms that help collect all necessary data about your father, your child and your search. Please find the two forms at the bottom of this site. One is for finding a father the other one is for finding a child.

Please don’t send us the form back until you researched all available information sources and interviewed your mother and other involved persons again!

Finding your Father

Here is what we can do for you in case you are looking for your American father: First, we will use all helpful Internet resources to find an address or further information about the whereabouts of your father. If that is unsuccessful we will file a search request with the National Personnel Record Center (NPRC) in St. Louis, where the records of all U.S. servicemen are archived. We have visited the NPRC before and know who to contact there as well as how to best file a request.

This is what really matters requesting information from the NPRC: Most of the data available with the NPRC is linked to the base, battalion and unit where the father served. That’s why the chances to find the missing person increase with the quality of the information provided, especially your father’s name, the base, battalion and unit he service in.

In some occasions the NPRC provides further information about the father, but still can't provide a current address. Additional efforts may be needed, for example, including searching in professional databases.

Please be aware that we are devoting our spare time to help unite GI Kids with their families. To do so the GI-Kinder Charity depends on fees and donations to cover our expenses. That’s why we would like to ask for a small contribution to our organization before we would start with our above described search service.

If you are interested please download one of these forms

for father search

for GI kid search

and email it back to

Email Me

Important Message!

Thank you for contacting GI-Kinder Charity. We appreciate your interest in our organization. However, due to a high number of requests in the past we are currently unable accept new clients. Please feel free to leave a message. We’ll get back to you as soon as we are able to accept new clients.