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These are other organizations who may help you finding a GI father in the U.S.A.:

family international frankfurt e.V. (fif)

The non-profit organization “family international frankfurt e.V.” (fif) handles search requests for the natural father or relatives. Tracing the heritage of adoptive children also makes up a good portion of their work. People primarily contact fif in search of a father who was stationed in Germany as an American soldier in past years. The organization is part of the International Social Service.

Contact for search requests from Germany:

family international frankfurt e.V., Monisstr. 4, 60320 Frankfurt/Main, Tel. (069) 95636431, E-Mail: kontakt@fif-ev.de

Contact for search requests from the USA:

International Social Service, United States of America Branch, 700 Light Street, 207 East Redwood Street 3rd Floor, Baltimore, MD 21202, Tel: 001 (443) 451 1200, Fax: 001 (443) 451 1220, E-Mail: iss-usa@iss-usa.org, www.iss-usa.org

Geborener Deutscher

Bill Gage is a German-born adoptee who was adopted by an American military couple in Germany in 1959. He runs the internet community of German-born adoptee "Geborener Deutscher" at http://groups.yahoo.com/groups/Geborener_Deutscher/. Leonie Boehmer handles search requests from German-born children and/or their birth parents. She lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and has provided this service for more than 20 years.

William L. Gage, WmLGage@aol.com

Leonie Boehmer, 9419 MacAllan Road N.E., Albuquerque, NM 87109, Tel. (505) 268-1310, BoehmerL@aol.com

These are helpful tips for searching a GI father in the U.S.A. on your own:

1. Visit the National Archives website at www.archives.gov. Click on "Research Room" and from there on "Veteran's Service Records". Look for the second bullet, "National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) in St. Louis, Missouri", and click on the "To order records" link. From there, download "Standard Form 180" and print it out. Following the instructions, you can request either that the veteran's information be sent to you or that a letter from you be forwarded to the veteran. Please note that many Army, Army Air Corps and Air Force records containing pre-1960 data were destroyed in a fire at the NPRC in August 1973.

2. As an alternative to the Internet, you can contact the Department of Veterans Affairs. Their U.S. telephone number is 1-800-827-1000. Try to get the case file number of the veteran and ask if they would forward a letter. Unfortunately, they will only mail copies of the records if the veteran is deceased.

3. The "Social Security Death Index" is also only helpful if the veteran has passed on. This index lists deceased veterans who were receiving social security benefits. This could be helpful in finding other relatives. Go to www.rootsweb.com and click on "Social Security Death Index". From here you can access the search engine to find the veteran's social security number. Write the Social Security Administration in Baltimore, including the name and social security number of the deceased, and request copies of their social security records. Address: Social Security Administration, Dept. of Health & Human Services, Office of Public Inquiries, Baltimore, MD 21235, U.S.A., www.ssa.gov.

4. Addresses can be found on the Internet at www.switchboard.com, a nationwide telephone directory that contains many numbers not listed in regular telephone books.

5. The National Civilian Personnel Records Center in St. Louis keeps records on children of people in military service (e.g. people born at American military bases in Germany). Address: The National Civilian Personnel Records Center, 111 Winnebago Street, St. Louis, MO 63118, U.S.A., www.archives.gov/facilities/mo/st_louis/civilian_personnel_records.html

6.  The Federal Information Center is the directory assistance center for all American government agencies and can be reached at 1-800-688-9889.

7. Search requests can be submitted at www.gisearch.com. Here you can also find other search experts.

8. You can register with the "International Soundex Reunion Registry", an agency which assists families separated by adoption, divorce, foster home placement etc: www.isrr.net.

9. Be aware that attorney fees and a DNA test may be necessary to prove fatherhood if the father denies paternity.

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